Andy BlythAndy Blyth MA (Hons) MSc. MBPsS

Performance Coach


  • MA (Hons) Psychology, Edinburgh University
  • MSc. Sport Psychology, Liverpool John Moores University
  • COSCA Counselling Skills, Edinburgh College
  • Diploma in Performance Coaching, Newcastle College


With his background in Psychology, Andy deals with the role of the mind in the performance of our clients.  He has previously had the opportunity to work with not only Tour Professionals but also clients ranging from professional MMA fighters to award winning business leaders.   He is passionate about working with golfers to make them more resilient on the golf course and therefore able to roll with the punches and keep performing at a consistently high level even when things aren’t going their way.  Drawing from a range of empirical research in Sport Psychology and other areas of human performance, Andy places great importance on the ability of clients to be able to trust themselves and let go in order to attain higher levels of performance.  

How can Andy help you?

Whilst Andy looks to build consistency and ultimately improvement into our professional golfers game, the traditional approach of visualisation, talking positively to yourself, taking deep breaths and so on doesn’t feature too prominently in Andy’s work.

Instead, Andy helps professional golfers gain clarity on the factors that lead to excellent performances and those that don’t.  With this clarity, Andy’s role is to help our Professionals maximize the factors that build great performances and manage those that don’t.

By increasing client’s self-awareness, sense of control and resilience, clients become more confident, able to relax into their game and perform at their best on the day.


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